Dance Schools

Our photographers work exclusively with your dancers and are highly trained to capture the best smiles and poses from every age group. We use professional digital cameras. This gives us the opportunity to view the photos while we are at the dance school to assure a quality product. This feature allows our photographers to successfully capture challenging dance poses such as jumps, pirouettes, and other poses that require delicate balance.

•  Scheduling assistance - separate photo day or dress rehearsal photos 
•  State of the art digital photography 
•  Professional digital airbrushing to remove cuts, bruises, stray hairs, 
  blemishes, wrinkles in tights 
•  Our lab provides high quality developing and printing 
•  Unique and wide selection of extra photo products that parents love 
•  100% money back guarantee 
•  We offer our schools a competitive commission on fund raisers 
•  Piece of mind - all of our employees undergo criminal background checks